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Jun. 18, 2012 – The Chevrolet Hall of Fame Museum has on display an extensive collection of Chevrolet’s hottest cars and memorabilia from the 1920’s thru today. There are race cars, Indianapolis Pace Cars, and an assortment of show cars on display as well. In addition to being a tourist attraction and local landmark, the facility also boasts a number of other services they offer to the community. Now, the museum is also Decatur’s Home of the COWs!

LaVelle Hunt, the museum’s owner was asked, “Why would a museum offer storage services?” He replied, “If you think about it, all museums are storage businesses. Some store priceless paintings, some store valuable artifacts. The Chevrolet Hall of Fame Museum stores millions of dollars worth of American treasures. It is a natural progression to offer storage services to our neighbors as well. The same quality of care given to our concourse quality 1960 Corvette is also given to our storage customer’s property. No other storage business in town can offer true museum quality storage services.” For more information about The Chevrolet Hall of Fame Museum, please go to the website:

Hunt continued, “There is plenty of room on our property both inside and outside that I can utilize to generate additional revenue. We want the museum to be an affordable family destination. For visitors that are tourists from around the United States or locals from East Decatur – we are an affordable, family friendly outing. Our low $7 admission fee is only possible because of the other businesses we own that help subsidize the museum. We have long offered climate controlled indoor vehicle storage. Where better to store your treasured classic car than in an actual museum? RV’s, trailers, food trucks and so on can be stored outdoors safely behind our security fence. We also rent Budget Trucks. Budget Trucks are great for Do It Yourselfers that are moving locally or even moving long distance.”

Marty “Mooch” Ames is the manager. He is charged with helping customers rent COWs. Marty earned the moniker “mooch” because he always forgets to bring his lunch to work. His constant “mooching” instigated the nickname. Marty said, “Who better to rent COWs mobile storage containers than a guy named MOOch? Plus, now I can tell people I got my nickname due to our COWs – Container on Wheels business; that is a lot less embarrassing.”

In addition to the traditional moving and/or storage uses for containers; COWs are great for decluttering a house that you want to sell. That service is known as home staging. The Real Estate Staging Association claims that more than 94 percent of homes that are staged sell within 33 days compared to an average of 196 days for homes that are not staged. COWs of Decatur has a special home staging program designed to help folks sell their homes faster – and for a great price.

Customers in the Decatur area that are interested in renting COWs mobile storage containers may call 866-GET-A-COW or visit COWs on the web at

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